Our company provides branding services for self-service devices (ATMs and terminals), which implies giving them a corporate style — coloring with a certain color, applying a logo, and so on. Full-fledged painting usually requires delivery of equipment to a special industrial paint chamber. We take care of all the organizational work — we will remove the ATM ourselves, take it to production, paint it, return it to its place, and install it with anchor bolts.

Equipment is painted in any color according to the RAL Classic table.

Among other things, we can also brand ATMs with paint, which does not provide for full surface painting. This means that we can only apply a separate logo or any other hand-drawn or textual information to the surface of the equipment.
- Smart Teller Machine
- Video Teller Machine
- Recyclers
- ATMs
- FasTer SeriesFace Recognition Terminals
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